Using a random Google search, we came across an interesting subject: trees that eat people. You never really know what you are going to find on the internet, but we got to thinking about what an interesting concept it was. Of course, your run of the mill maple around Mooresville is not going to grab a small child off of their bike and chomp away, they move much too slowly. At Tree Tech Tree Services, we are prepared just in case the trees rise up and decide to take back the earth from the humans. We have the saws to put down a tree of any size, of course, we have never been chased by one, yet. With all of this talk about trees that eat humans we wanted to remind you that the summer is in full swing and now is the time to treat any ailments that your trees might have, coming out of winter. We are Mooresville’s certified arborist and can keep your trees healthy all year-round.

Man Eating Trees

While it is not really known if man eating trees really exist, there have been documented cases of trees snatching explorers off of the trail, never to be seen again. Of course many of these stories come from a period in history that still believed the oceans were home to sea monsters and that dinosaurs still roamed parts of the Amazon rainforest. The man eating plants generally took the form of a tentacled tree that grabs its prey and strangles it or rips it apart. These man eating trees have incarnations in all of the wild jungles of the world, where there are some decidedly menacing looking plants. Africa and South America each have its own story of a Ya-Te-Veo, which is a man eating plant that traps it victims with either spikes or tentacles. While jungles around the world are dangerous it is highly doubtful that there are man eating plants out there.

Our Relationship With Trees

Regardless of whether or not man eating trees actually exist, this is an incredible insight into the relationship between man and tree. While many times trees are domesticated and placed in a yard for decoration, the possibility that they could rise up and kill us is a driving factor behind these superstitions. Hundreds of years ago, when these rumors started, we had very little in terms of technology and nature was much more prominent in our lives. We depended on plants to provide much of what we utilized. It is only natural for humans to imagine plants would want to kill us one day. Fast forward to present day and now we are completely dependent on technology and what is our biggest fear? That artificial intelligence will rise up and kill us all. As for the arborists at Tree Tech Tree Service, we think we will stick with the man eating trees as opposed to angry robots. Of course, if your trees need help, we are here for you, but you are on your own if your tree has eaten the neighbor’s cat.