When we think of saving threatened species we generally think of fauna like the Rhinoceros or Pandas, something like that. Way back in the 20th century management efforts were less than stellar and we almost wiped out a large swath of these animals. Creatures like bald eagles, mountain lions and even the common whitetail deer were on the verge of collapse. Of course, today we have rebounded all three of these species into common sights in America. In fact it is speculated that there are more whitetail deer today than when Columbus sailed to the new world in 1492. At Tree Tech Tree Service, we love animals but as certified arborists, we really love trees and this got us thinking about the endangered and extinct trees that are out there. Trees, by nature are not cuddly and cute, which naturally gives them a disadvantage when it comes to conservation.

Save the Trees

In the early part of the previous century the idea of taking care of our natural resources really became a viable idea that was widely accepted. After all, the previous centuries nearly destroyed the population of American bison and the people of Easter Island clear cut themselves into a virtual desert. People really began to care about species disappearing, and fortunately, that included trees too. Trees were being saved and cultivated in captivity even after they had been declared extinct in the wild.

Trees Bring Life

Trees are essential to the earth as they are what is known as carbon sinks. Humans and our activities, like driving and Starbucks consumption, creates the byproduct, carbon dioxide. Trees soak it up and return the energy to the earth, essentially cleaning the air and allowing more plants to thrive. Many of the trees that we seen here in Mooresville are not of in any danger of becoming extinct but make no mistake an environmental treat could become a scourge upon our lush forests. Take the emerald ash borer for example. This little critter has the potential to wipe out entire forests of trees within a few years.

Take Care of Your Trees

At Tree Tech Tree Service we believe in preventing the extinction of the trees in Mooresville, even if it is in your own front yard. We will evaluate and recommend the steps needed to keep your trees as healthy as possible. A healthy tree is a happy tree and happy trees have a way of making the entire yard look better. If you are ready for your spring tree inspection contact us today and make your trees happy.