Tech tree system for cabling of dangerous treesLast time we talked about first aid you can perform on your trees in the event of a storm or high winds. In order to keep your trees healthy, care must be taken when assessing damage, and a quick response is key. The number one thing to remember when dealing with any tree related damage is the possibility that the integrity of the tree may be compromised. If at any point a large event has taken place, the best thing you can do is call the professionals at Tree Tech Tree Service. We are your local Mooresville arborist, specializing in all aspects of tree maintenance, care and removal. We have many years of dealing with various tree related diseases, insect infestations, and storm damage. We would like to remind you that before you attempt to work on your trees yourself, that you are certain that the tree is safe.

Catastrophic Tree Injuries

Many times a tree can look just fine viewing the trunk, but the heart could be rotten and hollow. This could have begun as a fairly mild injury and evolved into a serious problem. Wind storms are a good way to figure out if your tree is structurally sound, as a large gust can topple or weaken a hollowed out tree. The best defense against this sort of failure is having a professional perform a check up at least every year or so. An arborist can identify small areas of weakness in the trunk, damaged areas, and wounds which may present a problem. A plan of treatment can be devised, and an attempt to save the tree can be made. For more information about determining if your tree is a hazard, please give Tree Tech Tree Service a call and keep your family safe from harm.