The storms we get in the Mooresville area are nothing to take lightly. We have seen wet years and dry years, stormy years and years that are relatively mild, the consistency is spotty at best when you are talking about the weather in this area. The only ones who remember what the weather was truly like from one year to the next are, the internet, Al Roker and the trees. The trees are marvelous indicators of the weather patterns from one year to the next. In fact trees are so adept at keeping an accurate record of rainfall totals that core samples are used for historical references. Trees are some of the longest lived creatures on earth. Okay, so maybe you can’t necessarily call a tree a creature.  But as far as living things go, if you leave a tree alone for long enough and it has the right care, it might just live for thousands of years.

The Ideal Conditions

In order for a tree to grow for thousands of year it must have a hidden secret. Many trees are not even out of infancy in a hundred years and the potential for a thousand years is not out of reach. Now, humans and other fleshy critters do not live that long because we are much more soft and delicate. A tree is like a fortress unto itself, a stoic, almost Clint Eastwood-esque silence accompanies a gentle old tree. We are filled with awe when we actually realize how tall trees are, for most of the time we are staring at an electronic device and generally immune to the wonders of the world. Do us a favor next time you are between social media posts, throw a search for, “the oldest trees in the world” into Google and see what happens. The results are amazing. You will see all sorts of trees that have been given the opportunity to thrive in less than ideal conditions, some for thousands of years. So what is their secret? We wish they could say that they relied exclusively on Tree Tech Tree service.

Can My Tree Last a Thousand Years?

Unless you plant a variety of tree that is predisposed to live for thousands of years your trees probably will not last that long. But that does not mean your trees can’t survive for decades and even hundreds of years. There are a few major things that kill trees. The most common killer of trees is less than ideal conditions. A tree will survive for a limited amount of time in a place that is not conducive to its growth. Homeowners are guilty of this sort of thing all the time and if you are planning on planting a tree, it is best to consult a professional. All living creatures are susceptible to disease and trees are no exception. The diseases that can infect a tree are much more common than you think and without the proper care they will wipe out your tree. A diseased tree is not always easy to spot and if you suspect that your tree is ailing, contact the professionals at Tree Tech Tree Service.

Another killer of trees is insects. A little tiny creature that is capable of bringing down a 60 foot tree is a formidable bug and insect infestations are as common in trees as they are in a cheap motel room. In fact, tree killing insects have been responsible for the destruction of entire mountains of trees, crippled by one little bug. (Ok millions of single little bugs). Fear not, most bug problems can be managed in your tree but it takes a special regimen of insecticide and specialized care. A big danger to your trees is the weather itself. The natural environment is uncontrollable and trees are generally the tallest spots around and that makes them susceptible to lightning strikes. Many times lightning strikes do not kill a tree but damage it severely. When that happens a tree becomes weak and is easily susceptible to insects and disease. Wind is another major killer of trees and we won’t even mention tornados. Wind can strip branches of leaves, taking away its ability to produce food. Wind can topple trees with weak root systems and cause damage to property. Wind will also rip good sized branches off, leaving exposed, the vulnerable parts of the tree. What can be done about the weather? Absolutely nothing.

Tree Tech, The First (and Last) Line of Defence

At Tree Tech Tree Service, we are your first line of defense if you want your trees to live a thousand years. (Of course we can’t guarantee that will happen.) We are the tree paramedics when you are hit by that wind storm that knocks branches into your yard and we are the tree exterminators when the bugs start munching on your tree. So give us a call and we can make that tree your kids climb in the backyard a centerpiece of your home for years to come. Be sure and visit our new page about storm damage repair from Tree Tech Tree Service.