Have you ever had a tree come crashing down in your yard? Picture this: You are sleeping through a gorgeous spring North Carolina evening, before bed you had a spot of matcha tea and the caffeine kept you awake for a bit longer than normal. Outside, the wind suddenly comes up and all but shakes the house off of the foundation, waking you instantly. You lay there awake, waiting for what seems like an inevitable crash of the huge old elm in your front yard. It has been a few years since you have had it inspected and the stress sticks with you until you drift off to sleep. Sound familiar? The trees on your property might not be on your mind on a daily basis but when a wind storm blows over Lake Norman, it can cause some anxiety.

The Crash of ‘18

When a tree is damaged by wind, it might not necessarily come crashing down to the ground right away. That is the major problem with wind damage, little cracks can form in the bark, allowing water, disease and insects access to the delicate inner wood. Over time the intrusion can create cracks and a weak spot in the tree. Before you know it, a few years later, the wind comes up and the crash you have always deaded, comes right through the front picture window. Could this have been avoided? Maybe, but only a certified arborist like Tree Tech Tree Service can determine the severity of tree damage and recommend a solution.

Damaged Trees

When a tree becomes damaged due to environmental factors like wind, as we noted before, it can be difficult to tell. But take heart, there is much we can do to save the tree. If you suspect any damage the first thing you need to do is call the certified arborists at Tree Tech, we can assess the condition of your trees and possibly save them. There are many severe wounds that a tree can sustain and still thrive. If we find areas where the bark has been compromised, making the branch weak, we will employ a method known as dynamic cabling. Dynamic cabling is pretty much what it sounds like, Supporting the branch with a substantial cable that can move with the wind. Of course this type of solution is only viable if the issue is discovered.

Dead Trees

Generally, anyone can spot a dead tree from a mile aways, some species have a sneaky way of rotting out on the inside, while appearing completely healthy on the outside. A wind storm can cause these big guys to essentially collapse under their own weight. A dead tree is a dangerous tree and if you suspect your tree is rotten inside, do not attempt to chop it down without professional consultation. So next time a windstorm comes up in the middle of the night, don’t lie awake wondering if the next crash you hear will be that maple smashing your SUV. Contact Tree Tech Tree Service for your comprehensive tree inspection and sleep easy knowing your trees are secure.