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    Signs You Need Tree Removal Service

    Trees provide the world with many benefits, from cleaning the air of carbon dioxide and giving off life-giving oxygen to providing us shade and a home for an abundance of animals and critters, such as birds and squirrels. Many people don't think about their trees all that much — until they start t…Read More

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    3 Signs of Dangerous Tree Limbs

    It's difficult to put a number to the number of people killed each year by falling tree limbs. One estimate puts the number at around 100, but this is only an estimate. When you think about dying from a falling tree in relation to other accidents, such as car accidents, it's miniscule to say the lea…Read More

  3. Uses For Your Wood Chips

    You finally had that tree removed and now all that remains is a pile of wood chips in your backyard—you’re at a crossroads. Do you save the wood chips and use them for your benefit? Or do you ask the professionals at Tree Tech to collect the chips and have them delivered to someone else? Either …Read More

  4. What’s In A (Tree Related) Word?

    Tree pruning may be necessary to maintain a tree, keep it in a safe condition, remove dead branches, promote growth, regulate size and shape, or to improve the quality of flowers, fruit or timber. Improper pruning can lead to trees becoming unsightly, diseased and/or potentially dangerous. It is imp…Read More