Remember when you were a kid and you saw trees as this huger jungle gym? Maybe you had a tire swing, or a hammock, or just maybe you were one of the lucky kids with a treehouse. At Tree Tech Tree Services we know trees and we still feel the same way about them as we did when we were kids. Every time we climb into a big oak or pine we still get that feeling of awe. Trees are such incredible living things and sometimes we forget that they can be extremely fun at the same time. When we go check out trees around Mooresville, we generally do things like tree removal, stump removal, tree care, and general arborist services, all pretty serious tasks. We love to see it when trees are not distressed, and being used as part of people’s everyday lives. That is the way we feel that it should be, trees as a part of everyday life. Which got us thinking about a few ways we have seen trees used as more than just shade and decoration. And the one that stood out to us the most was a treehouse. Who doesn’t love a tree house?

So You Think You Want A Treehouse?

It seems that every kid on TV had a treehouse. You know the sitcoms that always have some sort of treehouse scene where the adults come up to talk with the children. The adults don’t fit well in the cramped area and that is part of the joke of the scene. Inevitably the sweet discussion ends with the adult struggling to get out, more of the gag. Remember moments like this from your favorite sitcoms growing up? Most of us as kids coveted these private spaces high up in the trees and wished that we could have one of our own. Well that is one of the best things about being an adult, if you want it, why not build it?

Choosing The Proper Tree

The most important thing about choosing the perfect tree is to make sure that it is on your own property. Yeah, we know that this should be a “no brainer” but you would be surprised to learn how many people will attempt to build a treehouse on public land or other “off limits” areas. We are fortunate in Mooresville because we have a wide variety of excellent trees just waiting to become treehouses. After finding the perfect tree on your property, the next step should be to contact Tree Tech Tree Services for a full health inspection for your trees. Our certified arborists are able to guide you in your project and make sure that you are not barking up the wrong tree, so to speak. We will do a complete inspection of your tree so there are no surprises when you go to build your treehouse. Many times a tree will need to be thinned out and trimmed. Operations like trimming, medication, and tree cabling may be necessary to ensure that your treehouse is safe and secure. This process should be considered whenever you ask a tree to take on a load, such as with a hammock or a tire swing. You want to be as safe as possible and ensuring your tree is able to handle the added stress, is the most important thing to explore.

Another consideration when choosing a site is growth. As you know trees tend to grow larger and wider as they get older. This should be a consideration when planning out your tree house. Many tend to throw up a platform with little planning and are surprised when a few years later, the whole thing is on the verge of collapse because the tree has grown. If you want a treehouse that is extravagant, it is best to have an engineer look over the plans and maybe even design the blueprints for your treehouse. This may cost a lot but it could ensure that your treehouse is safe for years to come. The area around the treehouse is also an area to look closely at. Are there other trees that could potentially get in the way of your treehouse? Is there a safe way to access the treehouse? Not only do you have to think about the area on the ground but also the space above your treehouse. Are there any power lines that could be a concern? All of these things should be considered before you begin the building process. If you have any questions throughout the process of determining which tree you should choose for your treehouse please do not hesitate to contact the professional arborists at Tree Tech Tree Services.  

The Treehouse Build

After all of your thorough planning, it is finally time to get to work on the build. If you did everything the way it should be, you will have a plan. Of course some of the coolest treehouses have come out of bursts of creativity and exceptional woodworking skills. For your build you should have researched the proper way to secure the materials to the tree, (if you are actually attaching to the tree itself), working with live wood is much different than the typical lumber you get at the lumberyard. The materials and hardware are different than building your run of the mill shed. Make sure you know what you are doing as well, the last thing we want to see is a novice carpenter putting together an unsafe treehouse. Which brings us to the most important part of the build, safety. You should look at safety when building the treehouse with a “not an option” attitude. If you are not used to working in trees it can take some getting used to, after all it is not your run-of-the-mill construction site. Anytime you are working off of the flat ground, extra safety precautions need to be taken. Once your build is underway, if you see anything that concerns you about the tree, make sure you contact Tree Tech Tree Services immediately.

Enjoy Your Treehouse!

After all of that hard work and planning, hopefully you end up with the treehouse you have always wanted. Now it is time to go enjoy it! Show it off to the neighbors and make them jealous with how cool your treehouse is. As we said before, if you have any questions about your trees, contact us at Tree Tech Tree Services and we can help you with what you need. We have a passion for trees and we love beautifying Mooresville. Just one thing to remember, it is probably not a good idea to hang a sign over the door that says “No Girls Allowed” because you never know who will want to see your amazing treehouse.