The devastating effects of hurricane Florence will be felt in this part of the country for many years to come. At Tree Tech Tree, we care about our community as well as its trees. When a high wind event like this occurs the potential for tree damage is extreme. There are likely to be downed and damaged trees, landscaping damage and unsafe conditions. Even if the wind did not seem that strong, the potential for damage is still apparent. If you are concerned about one of your trees, it is best to contact us for an inspection by a certified arborist who knows what to look for. If there is any doubt about the integrity of your trees, it is best to let a professional handle the treatment. Trees that are injured, even when it is not visible, can cause personal and property damage.


One of the most damaging natural events is flooding. Flooding can occur at any time of the year and for a number of different reasons. When a property is flooded, whatever is in that water is essentially washed into the landscaping. This includes grass, bushes and trees. If the water was tainted bad enough, flooding could cause the grass, trees, and other foliage to die off. This could cause dangerous conditions, particularly when a tree is damaged and could become unstable. If the ground is saturated, this may cause a tree to fall over, and one can only hope that there is not a home in the way. If you have had severe flooding and your yard is saturated it is best to get the ground tested for contaminants. This way a mitigation process can be implemented and the dirty soil removed. Of course this will mean rebuilding the entire landscaping, but for the safety of you and your family it is the best course of action. Trees may be spared if the contamination is not that bad but a close eye should be kept on any that had exposure to the water.


It seems that at least some trees will lose branches during the wind events we get in this part of the world. While this is normal, each time a branch separates from the tree a wound remains that has the potential to allow foreign material and water into the tree. This could cause a die off of the area around the wound and potentially spread to the rest of the tree. A proper schedule of pruning is critical to keeping your trees in top shape and may prevent lost branches during a high wind storm. If you are missing a good number of branches, pruning should be performed to prevent the tree from suffering any negative effects.

Sometimes a tree will have a good deal of damage but can still be salvaged. Tree Tech Tree Services has the knowledge and skills to repair your damaged trees in many cases. If the conditions are right, even cracked branches can be mended. Many times, a tree is too far gone to salvage and it must come down. This can happen for a variety of reasons but mainly it is due to a traumatic event or severe damage. Regardless of the cause, a tree removal is no small task, it drastically changes the way a property looks and can leave an unsightly stump. Getting a large tree removed safely includes many steps and can be quite complicated. Tree removal can be very dangerous and should only be attempted by a certified arborist or a professional tree service. Removing a large tree the proper way means taking it down to below ground level with a stump grinder. At Tree Tech Tree Service, we can take the entire tree and stump, removing the danger from your yard without abandoning an unsightly stump.  

It’s Ok To Mourn

Losing a tree can be a major shock and it is ok to be a bit bummed out about it, if you start openly flogging yourself with grief, we might think that is a bit weird. We get it though, trees are important to the landscape and many times we don’t realize what an effect they had until they are gone.

If you have incurred any storm damage or are just concerned about the health of your trees after an active summer, do not hesitate to contact Tree Tech Tree Service for an inspection of your trees.