As you may have noticed, at Tree Tech Tree Service, we are really into trees. We prefer to keep our local trees alive and happy. As certified arborists we are committed to maintaining the health of the trees in the Mooresville area. Trees are such amazing creatures and they provide us with wood, shade and in the fall, an abundance of leaves. Yes, one of the side effects of having healthy happy trees is that they produce a ton of leaves. Think of it like a toddler in a car seat, one day everything is clean and the next *boom* debris everywhere. This is what happens to your yard when the leaves decide to fall off the tree. Sure it looks nice and seasonal but so does a smashed pumpkin in the middle of the road. What do you do with a yard infested with leaves?

Raking Leaves 

Remember when you were a kid and the big piles of leaves were just waiting for you to jump in them? Yeah well, behind every big pile of leaves is an adult with a sore back. Now as an adult it is still fun to let the kids jump in the big pile of leaves, but let face it, raking leaves is a miserable way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Let’s say that you do spend hours getting your yard completely clean and leaf free. Much like washing your car it will never last and the wind will come up, scattering your yard with freshly shorn leaves from your neighbors maple. The bottom line is, raking can be a never ending process and you do not need it in your life.

Repurposing Leaves

In the world today there are so many opportunities to feel guilty about things. It seems no matter what you do someone will have a better way, such is the way with getting rid of your leaves. In keeping with the spirit of those websites and crafty people that reuse everything, you could repurpose your leaves. Much like the asinine craze of creating furniture from pallets, I am sure that someone out thereis reusing leaves for a homemade mattress or something. In the real world, leaves should be repurposed for one thing only: gluing them to a piece of paper and creating an art project. Sure, as an adult it is not as fun as it was in preschool but whatever it is better than raking.   

Destroying Leaves 

Let’s say you live in an area that will allow you to burn your leaves. (Never assume, always check with your local municipality.) This is by far the most fun you can have getting rid of dead leaves. Fire is the great cleanser and as long as you are burning your leaves why not have a little fun with it. Throw some wood in there and make a bonfire! In the old days, burning leaves was almost a rite of passage and nothing signified the beginning of autumn more than the smell of the smoke. Burning leaves have a distinct odor and can truly set the tone for the season, besides who doesn’t love an autumn bonfire?  

Let Tree Tech Tree Service Handle It

What do you do when you just don’t have the time to deal with the leaves in your yard? Simple, give Tree Tech Tree Services a call and we can make those leaves disappear. We are much more than simply certified arborists, we provide a full range of tree related services. From tree removal, tree planting and even lightning protection (yes it is a thing) Tree Tech has you covered. In addition to removing the leaves in your yard we can evaluate the health and condition of your resident trees. Let’s face it, this year we have had some challenging weather and many trees in the area have had some sort of damage. Fall is the ideal time to have a full inspection of your trees to make sure that they will come back healthy in the spring. With the leaves gone it is much easier to see subtle damage that can be overlooked. So don’t wait until spring to get your trees squared away, contact Tree Tech today for more information.