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Trees can be insanely beautiful. From the magnificent Redwood trees that grow hundreds of feet tall to the cherry blossom trees that add beauty and color to this world for a brief time every spring, trees are amazing creations. They offer us shade on hot days, a place to build a treehouse as a hidden hideaway, and they clean and purify our air. Trees can fill an empty landscape and provide homes for countless species. And when fall comes, whole landscapes and mountainsides are lit up with rainbows of colors.

With so much that trees offer us, it is up to us to protect them and their health. Tree Tech Tree Service offers tree care in the Mooresville area. From tree cabling systems to storm damage cleanup and tree trimming, we’ve got your tree care needs covered. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how you can invest in the health and protection of your trees in Mooresville. Contact us today to get started!


Regularly Prune Your Trees

There are many reasons to prune your trees. First, pruning your trees allows you the ability to control the shape it grows into. For instance, low-hanging branches can severely limit the use of your property beneath your tree. Secondly, you can cut off the dead branches. These only drain the tree of much-needed resources as they try to bring those branches back to life. Plus, when a storm hits in Mooresville, they are in danger of falling, either onto your home or people. Tree Tech Tree Service in Mooresville notes that even healthy branches need to be trimmed as well. When a tree’s branches become too long, the weight of the leaves can weigh the tree down, causing them to break as well. Pruning a tree properly takes knowledge and know-how so that you are making thinning cuts rather than heading cuts for the health of your trees. Call your certified arborist today to get started!

Water Your Trees

Trees, like all living things, need water to survive. However, many people don’t water their trees, thinking they get enough on their own. This can be a mistake, especially if drought conditions arise. In general, the younger the tree, the more water it needs. You need to water your trees deeply so that they get the optimal amount of water. If you are relying on your lawn sprinkler system to do the job, odds are it won’t be enough and will only encourage a shallow root system for your tree, increasing the odds it will fall down later in a storm. If you are replanting a tree, it will need more water as well.

Fertilize Your Trees

Another often overlooked key to the health of your trees is fertilizing them. Again, the younger your tree, the more you will need to fertilize it. Mature trees don’t necessarily need to be fertilized unless they are showing signs of stress, such as dead branches or stunted growth. Tree Tech Tree Service in Mooresville recommends that you choose a fertilizer with phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, which trees need to grow healthy and strong.

Mulch Your Trees

By mulching your trees, you are helping to keep pests away, keep weeds and grass down which compete with trees for nutrients and water, and hold in more moisture for the tree’s use. Wood chips, pine needles, and straw are great choices for mulch material.

Protect Your Trees’ Trunks and Roots

Odds are, you’ve probably run into a tree with your lawn mower before, nicking it and taking off some of its bark. Bark is the part of the tree that protects it from insects and disease, so when you expose part of it accidentally with your lawn mower or weed-wacker, you could be inviting in bad guys that can harm your tree. Young trees especially may not be able to recover if a disease or insect takes hold. This is why Tree Tech Tree Service in Mooresville recommends that you invest in a few feet of mulch around your tree so you won’t have to mow around it.

Finally, the last part of your tree that is often ignored is the roots. The roots have many responsibilities, including holding your tree in the ground and gathering nutrients and water for your tree’s use. However, if you cut a big root, you could not only be inviting disease, but you could also harm the tree’s internal transportation structure, since the roots draw in nutrients which are then transported throughout the rest of your tree.


Here at Tree Tech Tree Service, we love trees and want to see them healthy and happy. When you partner with us for tree protection, our certified arborists will help you with tree care, such as regular tree trimming, assessment of your tree’s health, fertilization, and guidance on tree removal. Call today for a tree health assessment!