Flip on TV these days and you are bound to see a home improvement show. You know the old tried and true formula of an extremely attractive couple in which the handsome husband is the building expert and the gorgeous wife is a phenomenal designer. They are experts at taking everyday items and repurposing them into a new and exciting home furnishing or decor. They refinish rooms, renovate garages, and sometimes even knock down whole houses, all in 30 minutes to an hour. The results are often incredible, a space that any one of us would be proud to call home. What does not get the focus many times is the trees and trees are such a main part of any property. At Tree Tech Tree Service, we are an advocate for enhanced media coverage of trees, especially on home improvement shows. When we are not watching TV, we are thinking about trees, how to grow them better, how to make them live longer, and most importantly, how to keep them healthy.

A Tree Can Make All the Difference

No matter how gorgeous a home is, the addition of trees to a property will enhance the curb appeal dramatically. A property without trees looks stark and unfinished, especially here in Mooresville. Not to say you need trees on your property if you don’t want them, but trees add so much to a property that we want everyone to have them.

Increased Value

Who would have thought that planting a tree could have an effect on your property value if you decide to sell your home. Yes, trees have value in the real estate game and can add substantially to the sale price of any property. Mature trees enhance a property and seem to generate more interest in the property on home buying websites. Some mature trees can appraise for as much as $10,000 which is quite a bit when you are looking to sell your home.

Putting Together A Property

When you are building a home, generally, the property is devoid of trees, at least in the yard area. Regardless of whether your home is surrounded by trees or in the middle of a new development, planning out a landscaping design integrating trees is the best way to get the most out of your investment. At Tree Tech Tree Service, we can advise you on the perfect layout for your trees. Many trees are planted without consideration for their characteristics in the future. This can lead to trees being too close to foundations or driveways, all of which can damage the building or property. When you consult with the certified arborists at Tree Tech Tree Service, we can put together a realistic plan and provide the maintenance to have your trees grow exactly as you desire.

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We all reap the benefits of trees and with the help of Tree Tech, you can have the property you have always dreamed of, the remodeling is up to you, however, we will concentrate on the trees. Contact us today for more information.