Ahh the Holidays. Aren’t they just the best? The time with family, the slightly political arguments that occur around the dinner table, uncle Bob napping in the chair after a few too many “festive” beverages, who wouldn’t want the holidays to last all year round? While there are many meanings to Christmas, the one that we like the best is the fact that most traditions involve an evergreen tree, more commonly known as the Christmas tree. At Tree Tech Tree Service we love trees and are always interested in keeping them healthy, even after they are cut down.

Christmas Tree Lore

While the actual story of the Christmas tree is somewhat fuzzy, the origins are believed to have been in the 15th or 16th century, maybe even before that. It is said that the Romans used wreaths to decorate and the Egyptians believed that an evergreen wreath symbolizes eternal life. It is possible that the tradition of the Christmas tree was born out of ancient traditions such as these but the first documentation of a recognizable tree comes from the mid-1500s and is located in Germany. We tend to lean towards this region for introducing us to the modern incarnation of the Christmas tree. Soon after the tradition was brought to the United States, in the 1700s, when Christmas was symbolized almost exclusively with a decorated evergreen tree. If you show anyone a picture of a decorated evergreen, every one of them will recognize it as a Christmas tree. In a way, there is a real weirdness to having a tree that someone chopped down, dripping with lights, and standing in the middle of your living room with presents underneath. It makes you wonder what they would have thought about this a thousand years ago.


Christmas trees, while they may seem simple, carry along with them a large amount of tradition and customs. As a modern society, many of us do not follow traditions as closely as once was required. The traditional reign of the Christmas tree is under dispute, depending on where you live. In some places, the first day of advent is observed as the day to put up the tree, some simply wait until the Thanksgiving turkey is stacked in the fridge as leftovers and some wait all the way to Christmas eve. As for Christmas tree removal, that is dictated by traditions as well. Most of the U.S. will take down the tree after the first of the year while there are various religious dates stretching all the way into February. In the retail setting you can see trees from before Halloween all the way up until March, and it gets earlier every year.

What Kind Of Tree?

Choosing a Christmas tree can be as difficult as Charlie Brown had it, finding the perfect tree can be a real challenge. The most important part of the decision is to choose whether you want a real tree or a fake tree. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages but one might fit a person’s lifestyle more than the other. Here is a small comparison between the two.          

Artificial Trees       

The artificial tree is the workhorse of the Christmas season. They are so convenient that many of us cannot resist switching from real to artificial. They require no maintenance, aside from the occasional plastic needle clean up, and they can last forever. Some of them are pre-lit with lights and even include ornaments. They are tough and many of them are fire resistant. So what is not to love about an artificial tree? Well, for all of their seemingly positive traits, real Christmas trees have a special place in the hearts of many. Artificial trees are not as environmentally responsible as live trees to buy, as they are not recyclable. Sure they are removing trees from the landscape but artificial trees will still be here in a thousand years while the real version lasts only a few months at the most.

Real Christmas Trees

Getting a real tree is one of the great traditions of families everywhere. Whether you cut your own, or head to a corner tree lot, the experience of bringing home a live tree is a cause for celebration that simply does not happen when you get an artificial tree from the large online retailer. People mention how good that a real tree makes your home smell, like a forest in your living room. If you do decide to cut your own, the hunt for the perfect tree can make for an ideal family outing. Everyone bundled up in their cozy clothes, wandering through the woods in search of the holy grail of Christmas trees. Real trees are much more environmentally acceptable to use, as they are a sustainable resource that is fully usable when it is done. The downside? They do require care and must be monitored or they could become a hazzard.

Which is Better? An Artificial Tree or a Real Christmas Tree?

As with anything, that answer really depends on your situation. A real tree requires a lot of care, while an artificial Christmas tree requires zero maintenance. If you are a single person with a lot going on, then the artificial tree may be the best choice; but if you are an older couple, with a slower paced life, a real tree might be just what you want. The bottom line comes down to what you prefer, but personally, we think the live tree is the best way to go — of course we may be biased. Real trees need a lot of care and that comes in the form of water. They need to be watered daily and kept moist otherwise they can dry out, becoming a fire hazard. If you are willing to devote the time to caring for a real tree, it can truly make the season.    

Wishing You a Happy Holidays!

Regardless of what kind of tree you decide upon, we know that you will make a season worth of memories under your tree. At Tree Tech Tree Service, we want to thank all of our loyal customers for their business over the past year and we can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring. If you need to ask us a question about your trees, schedule spring inspections before our schedule gets busy, or just want to say hello, please contact us today either through our contact form or our direct line. If you are out hunting your own Christmas tree this year, remember to be safe and make sure you do your cutting in the woods, not your neighbor’s backyard. Happy holidays everyone!