The holidays are finally here, and with it the cool weather that makes it nice to curl up in front of a roaring fire. The Christmas lights are popping up around Mooresville and we may even get some snow later in the week. As is custom, the year ends at the end of December and the end of the year brings all sorts of “resolutions” as we like to call them. It occurred to us that we do not even use that word the rest of the year, it is pretty much only spoken January through Mid-February. These resolutions generally involve the easy things like quitting smoking, eating better, getting more exercise, and the granddaddy of all resolutions, losing weight. Do we actually keep these resolutions? Not usually — we generally spend the remaining year lamenting the fact that we failed yet again and there is always next year. At Tree Tech Tree Services, we believe in keeping resolutions… at least the ones that have to do with trees. In 2019, we pledge to provide the best possible customer service to our clients, while offering outstanding care of their trees. So, what’s different about our resolution from the way we conduct business everyday? Absolutely nothing, but hey, without goals, many companies lose their focus and we want to keep ours directly on our clients and their trees.

Need a Resolution? How About For Your Trees?

We know that the last thing people think about when making resolutions is their trees. And with good reason. Most of us take for granted that our trees are just fine, when much more could be going on under the bark. Trees can appear to be just fine, especially in the colder, winter months, unfortunately there could be areas that are damaged. Winter can be tough on trees, and now is the time to pay attention to potential issues. Make a resolution this year to take better care of your trees and they will thank you later.

Spring Showers

Summer can be rough on a tree, the branches are filled with leaves, strong winds can blow off from summer thunderstorms, and there is always the threat of lightning. If you have experienced storm damage this past summer it is entirely possible that harm was done to your tree, particularly if you have not had a professional arborist check it out. When you suspect tree damage, make sure you give Tree Tech Tree Service a call and we can evaluate the situation and not only save the tree, but save some major headaches later on. When a tree is damaged in the summer, it does not have ample time to recover before winter when the weather can wreak havoc on a tree.

Step On a Crack…

Summer weather, particularly when it is coupled with a high wind event, is a major cause of tree mortality. Think of holding up what is essentially a large sail, in high winds — something’s got to give. These storms can create little cracks in the forks of the tree. Now sometimes these will heal up with time, if they are sufficiently protected from the elements, most of the time they remain exposed and can become an issue. If you have ever seen a tree, crashed to the ground following a good wind storm, many times this is due to these little cracks in the forks of the branches. When the bark of a tree is compromised, say by the small cracks discussed previously, this will allow water to enter the heart of the tree and begin to rot the fragile wood underneath. In the winter, water intrusion can take on a whole new level of destruction. When water is introduced into the tree it can freeze and drive the cracks open even wider and compromise the tree even more. Once untreated cracks are exposed to water and freezing, the clock is ticking to save the branch.


While it is not possible to prevent damage to your trees under normal circumstances, there are a few things you can do to help ensure your trees make it through winter. First, you need to contact the certified arborists at Tree Tech Tree Service for a thorough inspection and treatment options if anything is found to be wrong. These inspections should be performed each spring and fall, to maintain healthy trees all year round. There are a few preventative measures that you as a homeowner can do as well.


One of the easiest and most effective is ensure that your tree has enough water before it begins to lose its leaves. Tees will still draw water from the soil but if the winter is bad enough, the tree will have a tough time getting water through traditional means. A well hydrated tree is going to fair much better than a tree without enough water. For added prevention, it does not hurt dousing the roots with a good soaking on the occasional nice afternoon.       


Spreading mulch in the winter is not only good for your trees, but the rest of your landscaping as well. Mulch will protect the roots of the tree where they are most vulnerable to cold damage. Spread a good pile of mulch around the base of all of your trees and the winter should not affect your roots too much. Making sure that the ground below the mulch is good and soaked with water is going to increase the effectiveness of the mulch as well.    

Tree Wrapping

While not really necessary this far from the Great White North, tree wrapping is not going to hurt. Tree wrapping is a great idea if you have newly planted trees or those that you suspect may have been damaged. Simply find some specialized tree wrap and string it around the bottom of the trunk. This will keep out the cold as well as diseases that can find their way into the tree in the winter.

The best thing you can do for your trees in general is nothing more than be observant. Many times if you spot something on a tree that does not look right, or it appears that the tree is struggling, a certified arborist can help save the tree. So if you are interested in learning more about what you can do to increase your tree’s chances of survival this winter, please contact the professionals at Tree Tech Tree Service. When you are making those resolutions this January 1st, don’t forget to think about your trees and make a resolution to take care of them in 2019.