The summer solstice is a mere two days away and the heat is starting to fire up in Mooresville. In fact, this week is poised to usher in the official summer solstice with a scorching week of almost unbearable temperatures. When you are sitting on your front porch with a cool glass of iced tea in the stifling heat, just remember, you can go inside and bask in the air conditioning. Your trees, however have no such luxury. Think of that majestic maple in your front yard as a living air conditioner that needs proper care to perform at its best. (More on that later) Have you ever sat beneath a tree on a hot day and felt instantly cooler? Yes, shade is one way that trees provide relief from the heat, but it turns out there is another reason that trees keep us cool.

Transpiration Cooling

Ever since the dawn of time, all sorts of creatures, humans, and critters have been drawn to trees and forests. Forests provide an abundance of food, shelter and most importantly, shade. On an incredibly simplistic level, the function of wind and weather is to regulate the temperature of the earth. Winds move from high to low pressure causing a cycle of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. Through this process, the temperature of our planet is kept relatively stable. Now on a smaller scale, that tree in your yard effectively regulates the temperature of its surroundings. This process is called transpiration cooling, and even though the process is relatively simple, why it occurs is much more complex. You probably already understand that groups of trees are known as a carbon sink due to their carbon dioxide absorption. Well, in order for this absorption to take place water must be released into the atmosphere. Basically, when water evaporates out of the tree, carbon dioxide makes its way into the tree. (How all of this happens is the perfect question to ask one of our certified arborists.) Through this process, water is released into the air as vapor and effectively cools the air. In addition to cooling the earth with shade, trees are living evaporative coolers. How cool is that?

Essential Trees

Trees are essential to our ecosystem and places without trees are not very nice places to live. They are either too hot or too cold – current temperature in Mooresville notwithstanding. The abundance of plant life and trees makes for a much more temperate climate and in turn, a much nicer place to live. At Tree Tech Tree Services we are committed to keeping our local trees in top shape so we all can reap the benefits. When planting a tree it might just seem that once planted it will take care of itself. While this theory can work, when trees are artificially planted they require more care than those renegades in the forest. To make sure that your trees are getting the care they need, contact us today for a free estimate and evaluation of the health of your trees. While a certified arborist is the best person to recommend care for sick or diseased trees, there are a few things you can do at home to make sure your trees are healthy. After all that transpiration cooling may be responsible for lowering your home’s energy bill a few bucks in the summer.


Clematis leaf spot, call Tree Tech today!One of the most essential building blocks of life is water. The discovery of water on Mars is said to indicate that the planet was once inhabited. Well regardless, your trees depend on an ample amount of water to function. This could come from water in the soil or artificial sources like your garden hose. Simply dumping a bucket of water on your tree is not going to reap as many benefits as watering your tree correctly. The way a tree drinks is through its roots, and a large, old tree might have thousands of roots, radiating out from the trunk. The key to proper watering of your tree is to diffuse the water over the roots. This allows a large cross section of the tree to access water and begin the process of moving it up the trunk to the leaves. An improperly watered tree is easy to highlight, as they are generally easy to spot. It is important to remember that over watering will cause a tree just as much damage as a thirsty tree that never gets enough water. Much like anything, moderation is the key to a healthy tree. With some deep watering, and getting the roots nice and damp on an occasional basis, is very good for the trees and they should remain relatively healthy. Of course there are always situations that arise when you are not so sure about the health of your trees. If this is the case contact the experts at Tree Tech Tree Service. Our Certified Arborists are able to examine, diagnose and treat a variety of tree related disease and injuries. And when it is time to say goodbye to your old tree, we can safely take it down and even remove the unsightly stump! Additionally, if you need advice about watering your trees in this hot weather, do not hesitate to contact us today and be guaranteed happy trees all summer long. Next time you are looking for a space to beat the heat, cozy on up to a tree and stay cool.