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Arbor is Latin for “tree.” Thus an arborist is someone who studies trees. If you want to get more detailed, an arborist is someone who studies the planting, care, maintenance, diagnosing, and growth of trees. Basically, they are the doctor of trees, monitoring them throughout their lives and caring for them when they are young and old.

Tree Tech Tree Service in Mooresville offers a whole team of ISA certified arborists on staff. Our arborists are available anytime to take your questions about your trees. They also play an integral part in what we do. They ensure that you are getting the best advice about the care of your trees. Below, we’ll take a bit closer look at what arborists actually do. Contact our local tree company today to schedule your next tree service!


Arborists are highly-trained tree professionals who can provide specific services related to tree pruning and trimming, drought mitigation, the fertilization of trees, the control of insects, the removal of harmful insects from trees, helping trees with diseases, and preventative care of trees. Most of the tree technicians you will see performing tree services, such as tree trimming and pruning, are arborists. Arborists help in all aspects of tree care and can help your trees last a long-time. Here’s some of the services they provide:

  • Tree Planting. Arborists have an in-depth knowledge of the different species of trees, their needs, their lifespans, their benefits, and more. When our residential or commercial customers call us for tree planting services, we can expertly advise them on which types of trees to plant for the climate and soil of Mooresville. We can also provide specific instructions on their care.
  • Tree Pruning. Arborists know exactly how trees grow, what they need, and how to help them optimize their growth. This is an immense help when it comes to tree pruning. In addition, when storms roll through North Carolina, such as hurricanes or other heavy wind and hail that causes severe tree damage, our arborists can advise on the safe removal of limbs, how to prune trees to grow back healthy and aesthetically-pleasing, and how to make sure no disease will infect them while they have exposed bark.
  • Tree Removal. Tree removal is the last resort there at Tree Tech Tree Service in Mooresville. We take every measure possible to try and save a tree before we recommend it be removed. Arborists have a whole arsenal of knowledge in which to help trees make it when times are tough.


Tree Tech Tree Service offers the best tree services in Mooresville and the surrounding areas. We love helping our residential and commercial customers improve their landscaping and their trees’ health with tree pruning, tree removal, and tree cabling services. We offer storm damage cleanup as well, ensuring your trees are taken care of after severe damage. We can remove dangling limbs and help restore the trees back to health. When you need a local tree service, give us a call today!