Sometimes, your tree needs just as much help as you do to stay sturdy and strong. Just like us, they can endure a lot from the elements, which can lead to a weak tree foundation and branches. If you take a look at the trees in your yard, you may notice that one of your trees has a v-shaped crotch, which is a weak union where two branches begin to split. This occurs when your tree forms two stems with a narrow space between the two. As the tree grows in diameter, the tree begins to split apart, which can be intensified during storms and adverse weather. The tree begins to crack where the stems are, and without any structural support or help from cabling or braces, the tree will continue to crack and eventually split apart. 

While one available option would be to remove one of the splitting branches to prevent further damage, this compromises the beauty of your tree and doesn’t give the tree a chance to heal itself. Instead, call Tree Tech Tree Services for a tree cabling system installation. A support cable helps keep the two stems together, preventing one side of the tree from falling away from the other. You should consider structural supports before the split in the tree gets any worse and threatens to fall, which could negatively affect any surrounding objects, like your car or your house. 

Tech tree system for cabling of dangerous trees
This tree is a good candidate for cabling and bracing.

How does tree cabling work exactly? What can a cabling system help fix? It can help fix split or cracking tree limbs, weak and decaying areas, poor root systems, or branches that have not been properly pruned and are now failing due to heavy fruit or nuts. Our tree professionals will place cables and rods through the unions of the weak branches, which provide your tree with support that will prevent twisting that comes from violent weather. Cables help to redistribute the weight of your suffering tree limbs while bracing rods are bolted to the limbs to keep them together. Tree cabling should only be done after a thorough inspection by a trustworthy arborist, so call Tree Tech Tree Service if you would like to install cabling systems!  

Call Tree Tech Tree Service and have one of our professional arborists take a look at your tree crotch for you! We will come up with the best plan of action for helping your tree regain its structural integrity and aesthetic beauty. Tree removal can be expensive, so we will always try to help you and your tree first before we even consider it as an option. If you want to know more about what you can do for your tree, fill out our free estimate form and one of our representatives will keep in contact with you to help you with your every tree need!