And that’s just one of the motivations behind the Storm Damage Clean Up services we offer at Tree Tech Tree Services. The weather in North Carolina is notoriously extreme. From hurricanes, flooding, the rare ice storm, and even tornados, depending on the year, Mooresville can take a beating from Mother Nature’s storms. And afterwards, that storm clean up is the important process we have left. And the casualties of these weather events are generally our healthy population of trees; storm damage is a real issue that comes with this barrage of weather we all experience.



The effects of storm damage can create major issues down the road for your trees. When the spring storms start to rumble through the area, it is critical that you have a company you can count on for, fast and safe, storm damage clean up. Tree Tech Tree Service are your local storm damage cleanup experts. We are committed to making your property safe following an event that has damaged or toppled your trees, and for any type of storm damage, our certified arborists can use their experience and knowledge to provide the best storm damage clean up service possible.


Why Storm Damage Clean Up?

There are big storms, small storms, and even super storms, but no matter the size, they can all cause damage to your home and your property, especially in a place like Mooresville. And for a variety of reasons, this makes a storm damage clean up service very necessary. Keep reading to learn more about why.

Protect Your Home

A storm generally involves high-winds, whether it’s a hurricane or a snowstorm, and if severe enough, your tree’s branches can become weakened or destroyed. And then, they can become projectiles that can damage your home. Storm damage can cause branches to come crashing down and damage your home, whether it’s a massive branch on your roof or a small branch being flung into your window. A storm damage clean up service can remove these branches so they are not susceptible to causing damage, and we can even do that before a storm hits, with our Storm Damage Tree Care Services.

Protect Your Property

In addition to protecting your home from the effects of storm damage, your property also needs some protection too. It could be your new patio furniture getting thrown around, it could be a trampoline that gets torn up, and it seems that every year we hear about a car that has been smashed by a toppled tree or a large falling branch. Protect your property by making sure you have the right storm damage clean up tree specialists inspect your home, and your property.


Protect Your Neighbors

As much as we might not think of our neighbors after a storm, you might have to if a storm is powerful enough.  We might forget how much damage a storm can cause, until we have our neighbor’s tree branches through our windshield. Utilize effective storm damage clean up services like the ones from Tree Tech Tree Service, and protect your home from your neighbors’, as well as protecting your neighbor’s home from your own home.

Protect Yourself

For the DIY’ers out there, this might be a hard one to hear. But trying to do storm damage clean up yourself can be a little precarious.It can be quite dangerous to remove a large branch or tree debris created by storm damage, but that is why you should always rely on the local Mooresville experts for your storm debris removal. With our storm damage cleanup services, we will provide effective and efficient tree removal and cleanup service, while minimizing the risk to your home, your property and most importantly, your family.

Limit Ticking “Time Bombs”

While it may seem obvious that your trees have storm damage if the branches fall off, your tree’s can experience non-visible damage that can lead to more danger in the future. Some trees and tree branches are weakened by the effects of a storm, but not enough to fall. However, in a storm-prone area this makes it more likely for the branch to fall or be torn off in the next storm, making it a ticking “time bomb” until it potentially causes more damage. Utilize our Storm Damage Tree Care Services and have our experts inspect your trees for any non-visible damage.

Storm Damage Clean Up Services with Tree Tech

The effects of storm damage on your tree and yard can be aesthetically frustrating at best, and dangerous to you, your home, and your family at worst. Whether it is a spring shower, a winter ice storm or a summer thunderstorm, Tree Tech Tree Services is your number one, local storm debris removal company. Our team is dedicated to making a safer environment for you and your family after the effects of storm damage have been felt. We also maintain storm damaged trees, nursing them back to health and limiting the need for tree-removal service, while also creating a safe environment for you and your family. Be sure and contact us today with any questions you may have about storm debris removal or keeping your trees healthy. We look forward to hearing from you!