Have your trees been victims of storm damage? How about a lightning strike? If this is the case, getting your trees inspected should be one of your first priorities, post-storm. Storm damage is no joke, especially here in North Carolina, where half of our storms make national news. The likelihood of permanent issues from storm-related tree damage is only increased the longer you wait. Now if your tree is knocked over completely, check out our Storm Damage Cleanup page for more details. Our storm damage clean up services make it easy to have all of your trees inspected while we clean up the debris. Tree Tech Tree Service is a certified arborist, not simply a limb removal company, meaning that all of your storm-damaged trees will have thorough and knowledgeable inspections, by through and knowledgeable inspectors.

What’s The Big Deal if My Trees Have Some Storm Damage?

Just because the storm damage is not evident, does not mean that the tree is not at risk for larger problems. Take, for example, wind damage. Wind damage from a storm can create all sorts of hidden issues with your trees and is one of the main factors in trees losing branches in future storms. When the wind is high, the branches can sway violently, creating cracks in the bark where the branches and the trunk meet. Moisture will work its way into the heart of the tree and cause the branch to crack the next time it gets really windy. This condition caused by storm damage can be dealt with if it is caught in time. Lightning strikes, wind damage, hail, and even tornadoes are not necessarily the end for your tree; but some storm damage to your trees that you let sit might be. Tree Tech Tree Service can come in and develop a long term plan to save your trees. We will repair the damage that can occur following a storm, ensuring that your tree stays safe and disease-free.

How Damaged Is Too Damaged?

Well, as talented as we are at providing quality Storm Damage Tree Care services, that is a difficult question to answer without inspecting the tree. Storm damage can affect a variety of trees in a variety of different ways, so some effects of storm damage on your tree might require immediate assistance, while others might not be as bad as they look. If you feel like a damaged tree is threatening your home or the people around it, give us a call right away, and our professional tree care specialists will provide the service you are looking for.