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Hurricanes are forces of nature that are unpredictable and can be downright devastating. They can destroy buildings and homes, devastate the coastline, toss boats as if they were a ball, and claim lives. They also can cause severe damage to trees.

Tree Tech Tree Service in Mooresville offers the best local tree services, including storm damage tree removal, hurricane cleanup services, tree limbs removal, and plant health care. Below, we’ll inform you of what happens to a tree during a hurricane so you can better care for your trees after a severe storm hits. Contact us today to get started!


Superficial & Salt Water Damage

During a severe storm, such as a hurricane, trees can suffer severe damage. Leaves are stripped off, trees are uprooted, tree limbs are broken off, and bark can litter the ground. Salt from the salt water can damage roots and leaves. Salt water can saturate the soil around trees that then affect their nutrient absorption and water absorption. Salt can actually pull water out of tree roots, harming the tree and causing it to dry up. It can also hinder leaf growth that can last for several years. This then affects photosynthesis (the process by which trees make their food), which makes them unable to create the food they need.

Adaptations of Trees

Luckily, trees are living beings, and like all living beings, they adapt to their environment. If you observe trees during a storm or a hurricane, you will note that they often bend. This is because tropical trees have adapted to be flexible due to high winds. They also don’t grow as tall, which helps trees survive what scientists call “windthrow.”

Windthrow is what causes trees to uproot during a storm. When high force winds hit trees, the trunk acts as a lever. The taller the tree, the greater the force. Also, tropical trees’ roots grow incredibly deep, which helps them to stay anchored in the soil when high winds occur. Also, trees break during hurricane force winds because, although tree trunks are incredibly strong, they aren’t strong in all places. This is due to a weakened bark from insects or fungi. Decaying wood can be a weak point as well. Tree limbs break when the crown is unhealthy.


While Tree Tech Tree Service offers storm damage tree removal near Mooresville and the surrounding areas, we’d rather not be called for this tree service. Tree limbs and tree trunks are incredibly strong when properly taken care of. You can do a lot to help your trees weather hurricanes by investing in regular tree care services with your local tree service. Our crown reduction tree services, for example, will help to rid your tree of tree limbs that have grown too long, and our tree trimming services can remove tree limbs that are obstructive as well.

Protect your trees from severe storms and hurricanes, and call us today to get started!