032-300x300Why You Should Prune Your Trees This Winter

Each winter, trees go into a dormant stage during which vascular activity, energy consumption and sap production slow down, making it an ideal time for tree pruning. Working with a reliable and experienced tree care company, such as Tree Tech Tree Services in Mooresville, North Carolina not only provides you with the best advice and workmanship from their tree service experts, but also helps on the wallet as the winter months tend to be slower for tree care companies, thus making pricing competitive and affordable. For more information, any time of year, please contact us. These are all good reasons to prune your trees this winter, but they aren’t the most important.

Healthy Trees

Tree pruning is vital to promoting tree health. Dead or dying branches, or those infested with insects or disease, should be removed to prevent further damage, disease or infestation. Branches that rub together damage the tree and need to be pruned. Tree service professionals can easily identify which branches may potentially cause harm to the tree, and have the proper tools and experience to remove branches and limbs that are detrimental to the health of the tree.
Narrowly-angled tree branches and limbs pose a hazard. The narrower the angle, the weaker the limb; those that overhang homes, buildings, cars or sidewalks can do serious damage if they break off. Snow accumulation and high winds can weaken these limbs further, causing them to also break and fall. Branches and limbs that obscure the entry to your home or visibility in the driveway or an intersection should be removed for safety purposes by a professional tree care company.
Aside from unhealthy limbs and dangerous branches, having your trees trimmed by an experienced tree care company promotes proper tree growth for aesthetic purposes, and helps raise the crown for optimum strength of the tree as a whole.

Common Types of Trimming and Pruning

Crown Reduction by Tree Tech Tree ServiceThe most common types of tree pruning and tree trimming are crown thinning, crown raising and crown reduction. Crown thinning removes weak branches in the tree and thins densely-branched trees to promote better penetration of light and circulation of air. Crown raising removes lower branches that hang too low over driveways, lawns and sidewalks. Crown reduction reduces the height of the tree by removing higher branches. Tree Tech recommends crown reduction only to solve critical problems, such as interference with power lines or other potentially dangerous scenarios once the tree is properly inspected.It is important to work with a knowledgeable tree care company who provides year round tree pruning and tree trimming services, such as Tree Tech Tree Services. However, if you do not, it is recommended at the very least to contact a local tree care company in late winter, just prior to the beginning of new growth on the tree in order to inspect all of the trees on the property for their individual winterizing pruning needs. Once new growth starts, the tree will begin to heal the wounds caused by tree pruning. It’s always best to hire a tree service expert to prune your trees rather than attempt it on your own. The process of tree trimming involves crucial decisions and certain methods for potential tree removal services for different, more severe problems. Only those who know a great deal about growth and disease can manage the health of your trees through safe and proper tree pruning, especially in the winter. For more information on winterizing your trees with tree pruning and tree trimming services, contact Tree Tech Tree Services at 704-799-5796 to speak with an ISA Certified Arborist today.