It’s difficult to put a number to the number of people killed each year by falling tree limbs. One estimate puts the number at around 100, but this is only an estimate. When you think about dying from a falling tree in relation to other accidents, such as car accidents, it’s miniscule to say the least. Still, it does happen, and according to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), there are more trees in America today than 100 years ago, which only increases the likelihood you will be struck by a falling tree branch and killed or injured.

Tree Tech Tree Service specializes in tree services in the Mooresville and Huntersville areas. We offer a variety of tree services, including storm damage tree removal, tree trimming and pruning, and tree cabling. Below, we’ll go over the danger of tree limbs and what you can do to prevent falling tree limbs. Call our arborists today for a free estimate!


Hanging, Broken, or Damaged Limbs

It should be intuitive that if a branch is broken, it is in danger of falling. However, some people never look up, or when they do, the broken limb is obstructed by other tree limbs or branches. It can be hard to tell as well when you are looking with an untrained eye. Partnering with a local tree service company, such as Tree Tech Tree Removal, who can offer you a free estimate to look for broken limbs, especially after a storm or a hurricane, is indeed prudent.

Dead Limbs

You often notice dead limbs in the spring and summer when all of the other tree’s limbs are blooming and the dead ones are not. Dead limbs can stay with a tree for a long time and can function to kill other parts of the tree before a strong wind comes up and breaks them off.

A Leaning Tree

A leaning tree is most definitely a dangerous tree. Not only are the limbs at risk of falling, but so is the entire tree. While you may compare a leaning tree to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Leaning Tower of Pisa has been shored up to prevent further tilt. If you have a question about if your leaning tree is leaning too much and at risk for falling tree limbs, call your local tree service company in Mooresville, Tree Tech Tree Service, today for a free inspection.


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