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Trees provide the world with many benefits, from cleaning the air of carbon dioxide and giving off life-giving oxygen to providing us shade and a home for an abundance of animals and critters, such as birds and squirrels. Many people don’t think about their trees all that much — until they start to show signs of aging, if you will. Because, like humans, trees have a lifespan as well. They are born when their seed sprouts, they grow, they flourish, and then they die.

Tree Tech Tree Service offers tree removal services in Mooresville, and other local tree services, such as tree cabling and storm damage tree care. Our mission is to help you maintain the health of your trees and create a beautiful space for you to enjoy. Below, we’ll go over some of the signs that you need tree removal service. Contact us today to get started!


Dead Branches

An abundance of dead branches is not a good sign. Trees produce their own food through a process called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis happens in the leaves of trees where chlorophyll is contained. Here, carbon dioxide combines with water and other nutrients to produce food that the tree can use. Every branch should be producing leaves to support the food-making process. Dead limbs do occur naturally in trees; however, an abundance of dead branches could be a sign your tree is in trouble and needs tree removal services. A certified arborist, such as Tree Tech Tree Service in Mooresville, can help you diagnose your dead branches through a tree assessment.

Bark Falling Off

One job of the bark of your tree is to protect it from outside elements that could cause it harm, such as insects, disease, storms, and extreme temperatures. When bark starts to fall off a tree, it’s often a sign that a fungus has taken hold or wood-boring insects are attacking your tree. If you notice the bark of the tree is brittle, this is also a sign of poor health. When you are looking at your tree, you may also notice cracks in the trunk of the tree as well.

No Leaves

Similar to the dead branches, if your tree is not producing leaves, this is very often a sign of poor health, simply because your tree needs to produce food in its leaves in order to survive. The crown of the tree is the first to die off because it is the farthest away from the root system where the food has to travel to be used. Sometimes, a tree may begin to lean as well if its structure is damaged. A leaning tree poses a safety hazard either to the structures it is around or to those who are walking underneath the tree that may need a tree removal service.


Tree Tech Tree Service has certified arborists on staff who can assess the health of your tree and offer up a recommendation for its care and well-being. Sometimes, the tree could just need more water if there’s been a drought in your area, or it may just need to be removed. Call today for a tree removal specialist!