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The trees that populate our Earth, as well as our city of Mooresville, are a critical part of nature that we all live off and need. While they might seem in the way or imposing sometimes, trees are a fundamental piece of Mother Earth that populates the whole world. They offer homes, food, and entire ecosystems to animals, insects, and other plants, as well as acting as the main producer of the oxygen we breathe everyday. There is a reason why so many charities exist that are dedicated to planting trees for every x amount of dollars raised.

Professional and informed tree removal, with Tree Tech

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But there are also plenty of reasons why we might want to remove them as well. They can attract animals and insects on your property that can cause damage, or their branches can fall, sway, or be ripped off during storms, creating dangerous projectiles that will damage whatever it hits. And even just an attempt at DIY tree removal on your own can be dangerous, reminding you of the size, weight, and potential danger of navigating a big tree by yourself. That’s where the team at Tree Tech Tree Services comes in. If you live in Mooresville or the surrounding area and have a tree that is causing potential problems, our team of professional tree technicians can provide the help and service you need. Keep reading to learn more about our Tree Removal Services.

At Tree Tech Tree Service in Mooresville, we are proud to offer professional and reliable tree removal services. We love trees and we will look to preserve your tree at every possible step, but when it has to go, it has to go. Keep reading to learn a bit more about our tree removal process and qualifications, and how we might be able to help you with your own tree removal problem.

Inspecting Your Tree

The first step our team has to take is inspecting your tree. As much as an issue might exist with the features or the existence of your tree, our team is very experienced in a variety of tree types and how to deal with them. So we will need to inspect the potential issues, inspect to see if there are any other underlying issues that could show their head, and ultimately decide on whether or not to remove the tree.

Care vs. Removal

As much as you might want it removed, tree care might be the answer on occasion. Sometimes a tree can be treated or trimmed to reduce potential issues, and avoid having it removed. For example, storm damage can cause a lot of harm to trees and property, but our team can clean it up without taking the whole tree, through preventative services like cabling and proper pruning. And with Tree Tech, all of our tree work is done with precision and care to avoid damage to you, your property, or even other trees. Tree removal is the last resort for a problematic tree, but a step we are very willing to take if required.

A Last Resort

As effective as our tree removal service is, our goal will always be tree care (it even says so in our name). We will always try to preserve the health and life of trees when possible. However, the safety of you, your family, and your property is the utmost priority. In the event a tree does need to be removed, Tree Tech’s experienced personnel will safely remove it, even in the most difficult conditions, are highly skilled in all types of removal, from technical rigging, crane work and felling.

Tree causing potential problems? Tree Tech can help

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Qualified Arborists

To support our team of already experienced tree technicians, our staff is guided by ISA certified arborists ( who specialize in the care, knowledge and science of trees. Our certified arborists can help determine if a tree is hazardous and needs to be removed or if there are other options available. But regardless of the options, you will know that your specific problem is being taken care of by only the best and most informed.

The Right Equipment

We have the right workers, but what about equipment? Well we have the right equipment too. Even if your tree is a massive one, our team has a variety of technical rigging equipment and access to a crane, so that we can provide the necessary tree care service, even at the tops of the highest branches. We can also navigate around other houses and fences. There is always a solution to the removal needs that will keep your home and property safe.

Mooresville as well as the surrounding areas and the whole state overall have a large population of trees. According to the United States Forest Services, over 30% of urban land in North Carolina is covered by urban tree canopy. That’s a lot of trees covering a lot of space. But as much as our team wants to save every single one, sometimes, they have to be removed. Sometimes they can be a danger to the homes, property, and people around them and then need to be dealt with.

Luckily, Tree Tech Tree Services is dedicated to provide effective tree care and tree removal services all over the state. Our team of tree technicians will provide superior knowledge and equipment to accomplish all phases of tree care. And aside from providing comprehensive, safe tree care, we take care of storm damage, trimming and pruning and much more! But if a tree needs to go, you know who to call. There is always a solution to your removal needs that will keep your home and property safe. Contact Tree Tech Tree Services today for more information.

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