In Mooresville, many of us have fireplaces but for the majority of the year they go unused. Just another orifice in your home that sucks energy into the atmosphere and is often blamed for higher energy costs. Fireplaces by nature are extremely inefficient and many are switching to natural gas, and those people really do not get what a fireplace is supposed to represent. Honestly most of us will choose the wood burning fireplace over a fake gas insert anyway, simply because of the way that it makes us feel. The crackling fire of novels and movies is a necessity of the North Carolina winter. Those cozy nights sipping a hot beverage by the fireplace are bound to be memories that will last a lifetime. And what would Christmas be without a fireplace? At Tree Tech Tree Service we are proud to offer the best firewood in the state at reasonable prices. When you order a heavy cord from Tree Tech Tree Service, you are receiving seasoned hardwood that will burn consistently.

How Is This Possible?

You may ask yourself, “How is Tree Tech Tree Service is able to be the most trusted tree removal service in Mooresville as well as the local connection with the best firewood?” Of course, if you are asking yourself that, you may want to do it quietly in your head. We take only the best hardwood and season it for a long time. What is seasoning besides the stuff they put on steak? Seasoning is a process that removes the water and liquid from the wood. Basically we stack it and cover it until it has the proper moisture content for burning. If wood has too much moisture in it, it releases gases that can build up and cause chimney fires (I know, right?!) that is why seasoned wood is the only way to buy firewood for your home. The fact that our firewood is hardwood is important. Hardwood is wood like walnut or maple and can be used to make boats and bookends that do not fall over. Softwood consists of trees like pine or poplar, nobody wants softwood if you really want to start a roaring fire. Softwood releases more chemicals and can be much more efficient to burn. This is why Tree Tech Tree Service only sells firewood that is ideally seasoned hardwood that originated in the local landscape.   

Stock Up For Christmas

Whether you told your children they were getting nothing but a log for Christmas or you need to stock up on firewood for opening presents, Tree Tech Tree Service has a cord of firewood that is just waiting to go home with you. With a crackling fire in the background, your holiday will be much more memorable. The thing is, Christmas is only 6 days away and unless you want to end up at the convenience store buying one of those sad bundles of sticks trying to pass for firewood, give us a call today!