The process of removing a tree is one we are extremely familiar with here at Tree Tech Tree Service. In fact, we probably cut down as many trees as we save here in Mooresville. Like southern Paul Bunyan without Babe the blue ox. While we do not like cutting down trees, it is sometimes necessary. There are many factors that go into determining if a tree is a candidate for removal. Let us point out that this is not a decision that we take lightly, we utilize every skill in our vast arsenal of tree care to save as many trees as we can. Many times it is only a matter of proper care that will keep a tree alive and this preventative maintenance is critical to long term tree care. But alas, many times an old giant just needs to be taken down.



As with any tree removal, there are periods of mourning. Just like that time you dropped your flip phone in the toilet, life is never going to be the same again. The landscape changes, your whole yard looks foreign, and there is this huge stump where the proud tree once stood. You could hold a little funeral for the tree, although your neighbors might think you are a little weird. Maybe you get the urge to decorate the stump with some of the tree’s favorite things, like water and dirt and uhh… squirrels. In any case, once the mourning has passed it is time to have that stump removed. Unless of course, you are going to have one of the local chainsaw artists cut it into a sculpture. Hey, it’s still your stump.

Stump Removal

Many people who cut down their own trees stare at the stump and have no idea what to do with it. Well at Tree Tech Tree Service, we have all of the equipment to make that stump disappear. Back in the old days they used to use dynamite, which would be fun, may get you added to the no fly list. Also back in the day you could head down to your local hardware store and pick up a box of dynamite. Which now, may seem like a bad idea, but those were guys driving around without seatbelts on most of the time too. These days, due to that lack of high explosives, we use a device called a stump grinder. Which is much more convenient than blowing a four foot hole in your yard. The stump grinder chews away at the stump reducing it to wood chips which generally will decay fairly quickly. Of course, you may have seen the chemical stump removal in your local big box store but they take quite some time before you can actually dig out the stump. The fastest and most efficient method of stump removal is the grinder.

Moving On

Ok, so you had your stump ground down to nothing, now there is a big hole where your heart (and your tree) used to be. Crank up the emo on the CD player and say one last goodbye. Take a deep breath and fill the hole to the top with high-quality top soil. Be sure and get all of the loose wood chips out of the hole as they can cause grass not to take as easily. When you drop the dirt in, make sure you pile it up a bit higher because there is going to be a degree of settling when you plant your grass or whatever you’re going to do with the area. Later we will provide some interesting ideas for what you can do with the area that the tree used to stand. Until then, fill up that hole and give it some time.

Grass? Or Something Else?

Depending on where your tree was located, you may want to plant some grass in the area. If this is the case you will need, as we mentioned before, a lot of clean topsoil. Soil you bought at the home improvement store is generally pretty good but giving it a shot of liquid fertilizer is generally the best thing to do regardless of whether you are laying down sod or spreading grass seed. If you choose the sod avenue you are probably going to want to do some research and get the same type of grass that you have in your yard. Overall though laying down sod is pretty easy. Here is a tip – wear long sleeves when laying sod. Sod is established grass and if taken care of properly will fill in quite nicely. If you go the grass seed route, sprinkle a generous amount of grass seed over the dirt and make sure you are leaving concession for the loss you will inevitably suffer due to birds or other critters. A critical step is making sure you cordon off the area and do not allow any sort of traffic over the sod or seed.     

Alternate Uses

While many homeowners will elect to cover the spot with grass and just integrate it into the existing lawn, this is not necessarily the path you need to take. For instance, a raised garden is perfect for any area where a tree has been removed. To build a raised garden, all you need to do is stack a few layers of landscape timbers and fill it with good quality garden soil. Fill with your choice of flowers, vegetables, or even rocks, if that is your thing. A raised garden not only adds to the beauty of the yard it also replaces the void of the missing tree, but don’t worry, you will never forget the tree that once stood.

Let Tree Tech Tree Service Help!

While keeping trees alive is our utmost priority, we are called upon to take down quite a few and we caution you to exercise extreme caution when around a tree you suspect is dead. A dead tree could fall over at any time and being cautious around it is the best practice. You may think that you can cut down a dead tree yourself and while that is perfectly fine if you have had the training, it can be quite dangerous if you make a mistake. Always allow an expert to take down a problem tree as there is great risk to person and property if things go wrong. So whether you know you need a tree removed, would like a consultation about an existing tree, or just need a stump grinding, contact Mooresville’s own Tree Tech Tree Service today. We will evaluate your trees and make them happy, and we will provide a shoulder to cry on when you lose your favorite tree.