What is winter in North Carolina without a big roaring fire?

It is like a rite of the season to take wood and light it on fire, ideally in a controlled environment. The tradition of fire is ancient and the guy who discovered fire, undoubtedly has a stick figure painted of him in a cave somewhere. I guess that referring to fire as a tradition is a bit off the mark as fire is essentially life. If it weren’t for fire we would all be eating sushi and dried kale, essentially, cheeseburgers would not exist; and a world without cheeseburgers is truly a sad place. We use it for cooking, cleaning and staying warm, basically we would be lost without fire.

The Fire Triangle

Fire is a chemical reaction between three ingredients commonly known as the fire triangle. The fire triangle consists of oxygen, heat and fuel. In order for a fire to start, and stay going, all three components must be present. For instance, if you take away the oxygen from a fire, like with a blanket or something, the fire will be smothered. This is how fire works and now you know how to put one out, simply take away one of those three components and there you have it. FIRE!

Stuff To Burn

The most controllable part of the fire triangle is the fuel. When we start a fire, we add acceptable materials in hopes of successfully completing the fire triangle. Generally the fuel in question is good quality wood, but there are many different types of fuel that can be utilized. Things like dryer lint, hairspray, and paper are all excellent fuel sources, which is also one of the reasons the early ‘90s were such a tragic time for many young women.

Good Wood

For most of us, the fireplace is one of the only acceptable places within the home to build a substantial fire. We almost always use wood for indoor fires on account of its relatively good burning time and reliable stability. I mean it is not like a log has ever burst into flames spontaneously… right? Anyway, the only way to truly get a roaring fire is establishing a good base, and obtaining the best quality firewood will ensure the finest results.

The Best Quality Firewood

Contrary to popular belief, not all firewood is created equal. What you want, especially in a fireplace setting is a clean burning wood. Now if you think that the heading to the woods and hacking down a tree will yield wood that is ideal for burning, you would be wrong. A live tree, regardless of the time of year, has a fairly high moisture content. This moisture, when burned produces a large amount of smoke and toxic gasses that can leave deposits inside your chimney. These deposits are responsible for chimney fires and inefficient fireplace operation. So how do you avoid burning bad firewood? Simple: contact your local firewood experts, Tree Tech Tree Service. Thats right, what could be better than getting your firewood from a certified arborist?

What Sets Our Firewood Apart

What sets our wood apart from the rest is the preparation. This is a process that can take up to a year and we do not sell firewood that is not ready to be burned. It works like this, when we cut down an acceptable hardwood tree we split it into manageable chunks and stack it for drying. It may seem like the wood is ready to be utilized but in reality the moisture content is much too high. A good rule of thumb for firewood is a moisture content of 30 percent or below. Any more than that and you will have excessive buildup in your chimney. We wait until the wood has properly aged and is ready to be burned. You will also never find any softwoods like pine in our firewood as these woods are very sappy and will not burn as clean.

Get Your Heavy Cord Today

With the cooler months slated to arrive any day now, this is the ideal time to stock up on your firewood from Tree Tech Tree Services. Please give us a call if you are in the Mooresville area and need a winter’s worth of firewood. Incidentally, we offer what is known as a heavy cord, meaning that you get more for your money when you go with us!