At some point, during the last couple of decades throughout US towns and suburbs, it has become a common practice to remove the tops of trees, but why? This practice essentially butchers the tree, perverting its natural growth and making it a sad sight to behold. In many cases where trees are topped, it is to make way for electrical and phone lines, to remove obstruction of a view and to limit their size. This is extremely stressful and harmful to the tree, and may eventually kill it. Before you call a tree care company to come top your trees, carefully consider these eight reasons not to do it.

1. Photosynthesis  Plants require sunlight to make food, and they get this through their leaves. When a tree has its top cut off, the majority of its leaves are removed and the tree may suffer from starvation.

2. Trauma – By excessive tree pruning, the rest of the tree is left exposed to the direct sunlight, which may burn it. Also, when trees lose too many branches, they may suffer from a state of shock that can result in death.

3. Tree Diseases & Pests  Wounds on trees leave the inner flesh systemically vulnerable to a large host of insects, viruses, fungi and bacteria. When branches are removed, the wound should be sealed to discourage infestation. However, this is not done when topping trees and many of them die from disease.

4. Weakened Growth  Any new branches that grow from the tree after it’s topped will be weak and prone to breakage. Once they get big enough, that can pose a threat to homeowners, who risk weak branches breaking from wind, snow or ice and causing extensive damage to their home and lawn. If this happens, you can consider calling a professional tree care company for emergency tree services to take care of it.

5. Accelerated Growth  Tree pruning, when done properly, encourages fast, attractive and manageable new growth. Topping trees, however, causes extremely rapid but unhealthy growth that only becomes more of an inconvenience.

6.Death  Many trees are sensitive and don’t tolerate mass branch removal well. These trees usually succumb to infection, disease, shock and eventually, death.

7. Aesthetics  Trees with no tops are an eyesore to look at and disrupt the natural flow and beauty of the landscape.

8. Money – Hiring a tree care company, like Tree Tech Tree Services, to easily and safely trim your trees properly is less expensive than topping trees and is better overall for the trees health. Unfortunately, tree removal is common for trees which have been topped by an inexperienced person or tree service company, thus increasing your costs.

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