So your favorite old maple did not make it through yet another winter. The old, stoic giant finally felled by a combination of scars, weather and age. The branches may have split down the trunk or the canopy might have toppled over in a dramatic final bow. Either way, after the shock wears off, you are left with a stump. Now the general consensus among homeowners is, they love trees on their property but hate bare stumps. Bare stumps are like boils on the earth and what once was a living tree, now represents death and pestilence. Okay so maybe that is a bit dramatic, but either way, when you remove a tree, the stump generally remains. Whether your tree was brought down by a storm, disease, or a runaway dump truck, what to do with the stump remains. At Tree Tech Tree Services we are your local tree and stump removal experts. It is important to remember that any time a tree either falls or dies, the area might not be safe and an expert should be called.

Breaking it Down

Breaking a tree down if it has either fallen or died is a process unto itself. Surgical precision is generally required to avoid damaging structures or the property itself. Chopping down and letting a tree fall is an exhilarating experience but generally not practical, particularly in downtown Mooresville. Taking down a tree in an area that is either environmentally sensitive, close to buildings or in an area that extra care must be taken, is as intricate as a choreographed routine. This is one of the reasons arborists are referred to as tree surgeons. The amount of planning involved is staggering and should only be performed by a professional. The tree is first trimmed from the outside in, taking what are essentially bite sized chunks out of the tree. Branches are generally easy to judge the weight of, but as with anything they can be balanced at a different point than expected.

The Stump

The branches are lopped away, leaving nothing but the stump, the sad remnant of a great tree that once stood proud, facing the wind with dignity. When the stump is all that is left, it is time to decide what is to be done with it. Many choose to go through the stump grinding process but that is not the only way to go with the stump. Some decide to make their stump into a work of art with a chainsaw sculpture. In Mooresville we have talented artists that can turn your stump into a giant rooster, a bearded mountain man, an eagle or even a mermaid throwing a baseball. Stump art is generally done with a chainsaw and is a throwback to the totem poles of the indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest. Your artist can help you decide what is perfect for your yard.

Sorry Stump, You Have To Go

Many elect to remove the stump altogether and if this is the case there are several home remedies to get rid of stumps. In the old days, a fella would head down to the hardware store and pick up a box of dynamite and some fuse. Jam a few sticks of dynamite under the stump and you have a recipe for a good time. Of course, this method is not only extremely dangerous, but locating dynamite is going to be nearly impossible. (Fun fact: If you were to break open a stick of dynamite and rub the residue on your forehead you will give yourself the worst headache you have ever had.) These days, in place of dynamite, the homeowner is probably going to utilize a chemical stump remover. This method takes quite some time, as the stump is disintegrated by the chemical cocktail. The positive aspect of chemical stump remover is that it is a hands off process, just treat the stump and let it rot.

Not only are chemical stump removers excruciatingly slow, they are also not good for the environment. The fastest and most environmentally friendly method of stump removal is stump grinding. Stump grinding is generally, not something that your average homeowner can tackle on their own. At Tree Tech, we have all of the equipment to get that stump out for good. Stump grinding is done with a special piece of equipment mounted on a substantial tractor or skidsteer, of course smaller configurations are also available, but take a very long time. The stump grinder is a rotating blade, similar to a circular saw and it does what the name implies, slowly grinds away the stump. Tree Tech is your local stump removal specialists, so give us a call before you get out the log chain and attempt to pull the stump out with your pickup. We can save you the hassle, contact us today!